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Real Estate investment software to find and analyze deals fast, Run comps in seconds, get after repair value at the click of a button.
real estate investment software; Real estate analysis software
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You wouldn’t save this much time

Even With A Personal Assistant. Privy saves our users a couple hours a day on average. Here’s How…


Scouring the MLS is frustrating

The MLS was not designed with investor focused realtors in mind

  • If you’re like most agents who work with investors, you spend hours every single day sorting through the endless pile of new MLS properties, getting comps, calculating ARV, and then sending the good deals to your investors.
  • What if you could cut this down to a fraction of the time?
  • With Privy, you can spend your time writing offers and going to closings instead of clicking around the MLS.

The best deals to your clients — on autopilot

We automate the tedious tasks of finding / analyzing / and tracking investment properties

  • Get the best deals sent straight to your inbox everyday with our own custom hotlist
  • Analyze properties and run comps in seconds instead of minutes with our LiveCMA™
  • Get the team on the same page and eliminate the back and forth
  • Spend your time writing offers and going to closings instead of clicking around the MLS.


Easily manage your investor clients

Our software empowers investors and allows them to be more involved in the process

  • Investors can be time consuming for what you get out of it. But they can also be the most rewarding clients who buy and sell repeatedly, and understand the business side of real estate.
  • Give your investors the opportunity to educate themselves with market data and turn them into repeat customers who buy and sell multiple properties per year.


Once your investors see what Privy can do for their business, you’ll be a hero — and they’ll have the information they need to make decisions without you having to hold their hand at every turn.


Get an advantage over other agents by offering your investors a tool they can’t find anywhere else

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Automatically send the best deals to your investors each day instead of manually searching the MLS

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Our one click CMA's empower your investors and gives them everything they need to pull the trigger on fast moving deals

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Start giving your clients investment deals and data they can’t find anywhere else

Be an expert in every neighborhood — know that you’re not missing any deals